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Baby Furniture on a Budget

5 awesome baby furniture ideas that don't cost a fortune

Friday, May 26, 2017

Baby furniture is really nice to have if you can afford it. Many people pass up getting baby furniture because it is just so expensive they figure no longer than you use it, it really isn't worth the cost.

You can afford baby furniture!

Aunt Abby believes that all new parents deserve to have awesome baby furniture for their nursery and some of it can even be converted to serve as toddler furniture when the baby gets a little bigger or can even carry on into their teen years.

Popular baby furniture includes cribs, changing tables, rocking chairs, bassinets, cradles, playpens and high chairs.

If buying baby furniture is cost prohibitive. Don't fret. Aunt Abby has some great suggestions for baby furniture you'll just love.

1. Buy used baby furniture

So many people don't like to buy used baby furniture because it looks beat up. With most things, the damage is from normal wear and tear and isn't anything that sandpaper, varnish or paint, cloth or a good scrubbing can't fix.

2. Buy real wood baby furniture when you can find it.

Wooden baby furniture is easily refinished and can look as good as new. A wooden dresser can be painted, have new knobs put on it and it'll look great.

You can also easily put a ledge around the top and cover a piece of foam with waterproof fabric to go on top and you've got a dresser that doubles as a changing table.

3. Recover cloth on used baby furniture.

Many people think that reupholstering furniture is really difficult. It's not. There are many sources of instruction for reupholstering baby furniture that can be found on the Internet. With a few simple tools and some good instructions, you can recover just about anything. Recovering used baby furniture, in Aunt Abby's opinion, is even better than buying new baby furniture because you can pick your own fabrics.

4. Be creative!

If you have a nursery them, like Care Bears for instance, you can get Care Bear fabric to cover the seat on a rocking chair, the bumper pads for the crib, bassinet or cradle, and you can make curtains and a crib spread.

For your wood baby furniture, like the dresser or changing table, you can cut bears out of the fabric, adhere them to the wood using fabric glue and put a coat of clear finish over them and your wood baby furniture will match your nursery theme.

5. Paint bassinets and other wicker baby furniture

If you have wicker baby furniture that isn't looking too good, you can spray paint it using a non-toxic paint, white or colored, and it will look good as new.

Don't give up having incredible baby furniture just because you're on a tight budget. Reconditioning used baby furniture is fun and inexpensive!

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