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Baby Gift Tips: Is Your Daughter-In-Law Hard to Please?

The best baby gift tips you'll ever hear

Friday, May 26, 2017

Baby gift tips may be a dime a dozen. But when it comes to touchy situations, baby gift tips are truly invaluable.

Moms and Daughter-In-Laws

Aunt Abby knows that almost no mother-in-law intentionally sets out to insult, embarrass or aggravate her daughter-in-law, but all mother-in-laws can use some practical baby gift tips that will help to build a loving relationship with the mother of their grandchildren.

New moms are emotional and if they are new to a family they can be easily embarrassed or insulted. Insults lead to injury in relationships and make it very hard to have one big, happy family.

Did you know: The National Women's Health Education Center says that 50 to 75% of all new mothers feel sad or depressed.

Aunt Abby says everyone should be understanding and help the new mom to feel great, share in her excitement and encourage her in every way possible.

Following some simple baby gift tips and baby gift suggestions can help the new grandma to make the new mom feel special.

"DO NOT" baby gift tips:

The #1 baby gift tip is, do not give your daughter-in-law a "how to" be a mother or "how to" take care of a baby book. All good intentions aside, this might be a great gift from a friend who found the book to be helpful with her firstborn, but coming from a mother-in-law it could be insulting.

Don't give too much advice unless you are asked for it.

Other invaluable baby gift tips are - do not give your daughter-in-law anything that might embarrass her like a breast pump, breast feeding pads, etc. Gifts such as these might be appreciated if you know she is going to breast feed, it isn't a concept you are pushing on her, and you have the kind of relationship that something like that wouldn't embarrass her.

Take care to never make your daughter-in-law feel inadequate or incapable and don't ever make fun of her motherly ideas or tell her she's silly.

"DO" baby gift tips:

Do ask your daughter-in-law what she likes and needs. Do take your daughter-in-law shopping. Do buy her things you know she wants or needs without being intrusive.

Do tell her that you are happy to help in any way, she can call at any time if she needs help with the baby or needs a break, and do tell her you are proud to have her as the mother of your grandbaby and you are confident she will be a great mom!

The best baby gift is the gift of love and acceptance. Shopping for baby can be a great bonding opportunity and a joyful experience for the new mom and new grandma if you follow these few simple baby gift tips.

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