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Want to Find the Perfect Baby Shower Gift?

5 things to consider when shopping for gifts for a baby shower

Friday, May 26, 2017

A baby shower is a very special event both for the mother-to-be and the guests. When you are invited to a baby shower sometimes it is hard to decide what kind of gift to buy. Any gift you take to the baby shower is sure to be appreciated, but there are a few things you may want to consider...

1. Is the baby's gender known?

If you don't know if the baby is a boy or a girl it's best not to buy baby shower gifts that are gender specific. For instance, a frilly pink dress would not be useful if the baby turns out to be a boy although a girl could wear something blue if it didn't have boyish trimmings.

If you do buy gender specific baby shower gifts, be sure to keep the receipt so they can be returned if needed.

2. How many guests are expected at the baby shower?

If there will be a lot of guests at the baby shower, chances are there will be duplicate gifts. That's just the way things go. People who buy clothes for baby showers have a tendency to buy newborn sizes. What happens is, although the mother loves all of the gifts, the baby may outgrow them before she can use them all. So, it's a good idea to buy larger sizes.

When buying larger sizes, be sure they are seasonally appropriate. For instance, if the baby shower is in May and the baby is due in June, a 6-9 month size would likely be worn in December, so a summer suit in that size would probably not be appropriate.

Did you know: The term "baby shower" comes from the idea of "showering" the mother-to-be with gifts and love. Baby showers were originally tea parties for women and were only given for the first born child for the purpose of helping the family to prepare for their new bundle of joy.

3. Do you want to give a very special baby shower gift?

If you choose to give something like a baby book it's a good idea to check with the family and see if anyone else is getting one. Baby books are something you really can't use more than one of. If you do get something special like this, be sure to keep your receipt and let the recipient know it won't hurt your feelings if they return yours.

4. Is there a gift registry?

Many times people have a gift registry for baby showers set up at a store. It's always good to buy gifts from the baby shower gift registries because these are items that the mother has picked out herself -- things she wants or needs.

5. Are there any high-dollar items that the mother needs?

If something like a crib, a baby swing, a playpen, a high chair, or a stroller is needed, these make great baby shower gifts. Many guests would not consider buying such expensive items, but may be willing to pitch in to buy the item. If you can contact some of the other guests this may be an option.

Baby showers are loads of fun and buying a baby shower gift should not be a stressful experience. Relax and have fun shopping for the baby shower!

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