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Baby Toys for Baby's First Christmas

Tips for buying age appropriate baby toys for baby's first Christmas

Friday, May 26, 2017

Baby toys are much more fun at baby's first Christmas than they are at birth. The baby's age at Christmas time is a determining factor for choosing baby toys for Christmas gifts. Everyone has a tendency to buy too much for a baby's first Christmas, so baby toys that the baby will be able to play with when he or she gets a little older are certainly appropriate.

To know what types of baby toys a baby might play with at certain ages, it is helpful to understand an average baby's stages of development.

Stages of Development

If the baby is newborn to 3 months old at Christmas time, they really can't do much but they love the visual stimulation that comes from looking at things, are generally responsive to sounds, and may be able to grasp things with their hands as well as follow things with eyes.

For this age group, baby toys that are colorful, can be easily held, or make soft, gentle sounds or entertaining sounds are good. Baby mobiles, or play sets with things hanging from them, musical toys and baby rattles are some examples of good baby toys for young babies.

Baby toys that are appropriate for babies 4 to 6 months of age include colorful toys they can hold, teething toys, toys that go on the baby's feet or wrists, and musical baby toys that include words or talking toys.

At this age, babies can usually roll over, hold their head up and many can sit up unsupported. They become more interested in colors and try to mimic sounds and language as they begin to learn to talk.

Fascination with their feet and toes usually comes about during this period. At 6 months, many can drink from a cup and they can pick up small items with their fingers.

From 6 to 9 months of age most babies can sit up for extended periods of time without a problem and during this time they usually learn to stand with some support. They mimic different sounds and pitches and start to talk, mostly using 2 syllable words.

They generally become fascinated with reflections in mirrors at this age. Baby toys that aid in language development, learning to walk (baby toys that can be pushed or ridden), noise makers or talking toys and toys that have mirrors or other reflective material on them are very good baby toys for this age group.

Crawling and walking with help are characteristic to the development of babies ranging from 9-12 months old. They start to understand spoken phrases and simple words and love to mimic people or sounds as well as playing games like peek-a-boo and patty-cake.

They have pretty good control of their hands and are developing coordination. Baby toys that are stackable and can be stacked and knocked down are usually very amusing.

Babies this age like to build things, put shapes in holes, listen to music, and accomplish things that make them proud. There are many baby toys that are both fun and educational for this age group. Look for developmental baby toys for ages 9-12 months.

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