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Looking for Cheap Baby Clothes?

5 brilliant ideas for cheap baby clothes and other inexpensive gifts

Friday, May 26, 2017

Getting cheap baby clothes every chance you get is a great idea because babies are expensive, they outgrow clothes long before they wear them out and they stain them. There's nothing wrong with saving some money by getting cheap baby clothes and other inexpensive baby gifts.

Here are Some of Aunt Abby's Spiffy Ideas for Cheap Baby Clothes:

1. Shop yards sales for cheap baby clothes and baby accessories to be used as gifts.

Many times a new mom gets a ton of baby clothes at her baby shower and she can't use all of them before the baby outgrows them. Or when the baby grows into them it is the wrong season.

At yard sales you are likely to find brand new clothes with the store tags still on at a real bargain. Yard sales are a great source for cheap baby clothes and other baby accessories.

Fun Fact: Between birth and 4 months of age, the average breastfed baby gains from 4 to 7 ounces a week. Most babies more than double their birth weight within the first 6 months. Aunt Abby says buying cheap baby clothing is very sensible!

2. Shop seasonal sales for inexpensive baby clothes.

Shopping at the end of a season is a great way to find cheap baby clothes and it makes so much sense. If mother-to-be finds out she's expecting in December, her baby will be due around September of the following year.

At the end of the winter season you'll find great deals on nice but cheap baby clothes that the baby can wear next winter, say sizes newborn to 6 months. At the end of summer you can buy the spring/summer clothes in sizes 6 to 12 months on clearance and the baby can be suited for the whole first year of its life for half of the normal cost of baby clothing (or less!)

3. Make cheap baby clothes.

If you have a knack for sewing you can make cheap baby clothes that are just as nice as clothes you buy and even quite original. Patterns are really inexpensive and material doesn't cost too much.

What is really great is, if you find a pattern you like, you can use it to make several outfits with materials and trimmings. Cheap baby clothing that is unique and rather special is the result of making your own baby clothes.

4. Check with other mothers for cheap baby clothes and inexpensive baby gifts.

New moms often get lots of things at their baby shower that they may not use. When shopping for cheap baby clothes and other baby shower gifts check with people you know who have infants and see if they have any new clothes or baby accessories they have been unable to use and offer to buy them.

Buying what they have and can't return is a great source for cheap baby clothes and shower gifts.

5. For cheap baby clothes (or free baby clothes) use hand-me-downs.

Some new moms don't want to clothe their babies with used baby clothes, but Aunt Abby says using hand-me-downs is a wonderful, economic way to come by cheap baby clothes. If the baby clothes are washed well and aren't stained, they are just as good as new!

Taking care of a baby is very expensive and there are lots of expenses you just can't avoid. You can seriously save a lot of money by finding cheap baby clothes.

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