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Heirloom Baby Gifts: Unique Gift Ideas

10 fabulous ideas for heirloom baby gifts your grandchild will cherish

Friday, May 26, 2017

Heirloom baby gifts are so special! Think about it, do you have any heirloom baby gifts given to you or your mother?

Heirloom Baby Gifts are Unique

Sadly, many people didn't receive any heirloom baby gifts, but chances are they have something given to them by their grandparents, or something that belonged to their grandparents that they cherish.

Of course Aunt Abby has some great suggestions for heirloom baby presents!

1. An heirloom baby gift doesn't have to be expensive, just special.

2. Anything hand-made makes a wonderful keepsake baby gift.

3. When making heirloom baby gifts make sure they are marked, engraved or inscribed saying something like, "Specially Hand-Made for Adam by Granny Lila".

4. If you aren't a crafty person and you don't make things, buy heirloom baby gifts that can be engraved such as a piece of jewelry, a wood or metal trinket box, photo frame, piggy bank or something similar and have it engraved to say something like, "To Ashley with all our love, Grandma and Papa Smith".

5. Have a quilt made and embroidered with a special message. Quilts make wonderful heirloom baby gifts, especially if they are personalized.

Fun Fact: We all know that an heirloom is something of sentimental value generally passed down from generation to generation. Another definition of heirloom is similar to a birth right by law or custom where a piece of property is considered an inseparable part of an inheritance.

6. Hand-written family stories, family trees or family photo albums are exceptional heirloom baby gifts.

7. A monogrammed Bible with a hand-written message from the giver of the heirloom baby gift is incredibly special.

8. Shadow boxes for displaying special things like the baby announcement, baby's first pacifier, baby's first toy, baby's first booties, the going-home-from-the-hospital outfit, or the baby's christening gown are truly cherished as heirloom baby gifts.

9. A christening gown or something special that was used by someone else in the family, like the baby's parents or grandparents, is a wonderful heirloom baby gift. Don't be disappointed if the new parents prefer for the baby to have a new one, the keepsake baby gift will still be appreciated even if the baby doesn't wear it.

10. A baby heirloom gift that is very special for an entire family is a photo album or photo frame with baby pictures of grandparents, parents, the new baby and his or her siblings. This is something that can be added to throughout the baby's life. For instance, you may have baby pictures of each person, pictures of each person's first birthday, first school picture, graduation photo, and wedding picture.

Be creative when creating keepsake baby gifts. Heirloom baby gifts will be cherished by many generations to come!

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