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Does Mother Really Know Best?

Practical advice for the mother of parents-to-be

Friday, May 26, 2017

A mother experiences a wide array of emotions when her child has a baby of his or her own. A mother always wants the best for her children and grandchildren, always wants to be helpful, and usually just can't believe her baby is having a baby!

There's an old saying that, "Mother knows best."

Which brings about Aunt Abby's question:

Which mother knows best?

Some may think the most experienced mom, the grandmother, knows best. Others may argue that the mother of the baby knows what's best for her child.

When kids have their own kids, they may think everything their mother says is right on, but in most cases, they don't appreciate criticism about their parenting skills; their partner's parenting skills; or their decisions regarding their children.

Aunt Abby believes that a mother always has good intentions but they are not always right.

Aunt Abby also thinks that all mothers, even new mothers, have a touch of motherly intuition regarding their own children and what's best for them. Most mothers also know to ask for help if something doesn't seem to be working...

Diaper cream for instance. If baby has a diaper rash, grandma may know exactly what to do for it and may make a suggestion or may even give the new mom a tube of miracle diaper cream as a gift.

If the suggestion has been made but not accepted, the gift probably isn't a good idea. But, if the grandma gives the mother a tube of diaper cream as a gift presenting it as something that might be useful if other things don't work, it will likely be appreciated.

Baby gifts are almost always appreciated and often, the subtle gift of motherly advice from an experienced mother is appreciated as well.

about baby gifts