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Safe Baby Gifts: Bears, Bottles and Blankets

10 tips for buying safe baby gifts

Friday, May 26, 2017

Safe baby gifts are those that are age appropriate and don't present any hazards to the baby. Of course if you are shopping for a baby, you should buy safe baby gifts.

There is so much to consider it's hard to know the difference between unsafe and safe baby gifts.

A Useful Organization

There is a national trade organization called the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association, Inc. that represents the majority of the manufacturing industry that makes or imports products for babies like accessories, car seats, strollers, bedding, cribs, and decorative things you might use in a nursery. They have a certification program and manufacturers who put safety first can put the JPMA seal on their products.

Aunt Abby advises that you look for the JPMA seal for safe baby gifts such as the ones mentioned above.

With other items like bottles, toys, clothes, and blankets that aren't necessarily considered to be bedding, there are a few things to think about to ensure they are safe baby gifts.

A safe baby gift is one that:

-does not present a choking hazard
-does not have parts that are small or loose
-if the baby is in the teething phase does not have parts that can be chewed off
-does not have the potential of getting wrapped around baby's neck, arms or legs
-is not flammable
-does not contain chemicals or other hazardous materials

Safe baby gifts may also include safety items such as:

-childproofing gadgets to keep cabinets and drawers closed
-outlet covers
-a first aid kit
-a first aid book
-an infant CPR and first aid class enrollment
-a refrigerator magnet with emergency phone numbers including poison control.

The baby's safety comes first and foremost. Always buy safe baby gifts.

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